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December 20, 2017

The issue of Teens driving under the influence kills some 5,000 youth under the age of twenty-one in the United States each year. However 2017 marks a year of hope as millions of American Parents are fighting back and using the power of technology to save lives

Signs that someone you care about is drinking too much can be hard to spot if you don't know what you are looking for. This is common problem faced by American parents everyday, and when these issues are not addressed they can have fatal consequences.

Fortunately it does not have to be this way. Thanks to the accessibility of personal breathalyzers and anti-DUI support groups, millions of parents and communities across America are taking the initiative to educate adn prevent alcohol/motor vehicle deaths.

How owning a Safe Driving Breathalyzer will save your child’s life.

There is no clear way to approach a child you are concerned about around the matter of drink driving and alcohol abuse. As most parents can relate, Teenagers are often unaware of the effects and potential consequences of of alcoholism as well as not being completely honest about their early experiences with alcohol.

5 reasons personal breathalyzers save lives:

    • Tackle the issue head on - Concerned parents can either substantiate or dispel their suspicions about hidden drinking by their kids or other family members by testing them and educating them on alcohol limits.
    • No other alcohol test method, other than perhaps the human nose, is less invasive, easier to use, faster, or more reliable in detecting alcohol than a Safe Driving Breathalyzer. It cannot be fooled by breath mints or other foods commonly used to disguise the smell of alcohol.
    • Early detection and prevention of alcohol curbs the lifelong consequences of early alcohol use. 40% of those who begin to drink at fifteen will develop alcoholism at some point in their lives. The longer an individual postpones the onset of alcohol the less likely the individual is to develop unhealthy drinking habits, alcohol addiction, or other lifelong problems.
    • If you believe your adolescent is not being honest with you about drinking (and most kids won’t be) having a Safe Driving Breathalyzer at home is both a good deterrent from drinking and lying.

We know that by families across America taking initiative and using a breathalyzer, there is a vast reduction in driving while impaired, Not only is [this tech] changing people's perceptions about personal breathalyzers, we know it is changing their behaviors.

How effective are Breathalyzers, really?

Police departments use breathalyzers like the Safe Driving Breathalyzer as preliminary screening devices DUI traffic stops to determine is someone is intoxicated. The Military use Breathalyzers to ensure its service men and women are safe and sober while on duty. And now American citizens can have the same technology at their disposal to ensure the safety of themselves and their family members.

"In times like these, it's more important than ever for Americans to be prepared for anything, and this Breathalyzer is one of the easiest solutions to keep yourself out of a world of problems…"

Concerned Parent Guide Tried out Safe Driving Breathalyzer:

Our Review:

Upon receiving 3 Safe Driving Breathalyzers, we could already tell these were going to be very useful. The breathalyzer itself is easy to use and portable, and I had no problems setting it up to be ready to testmyself.

So first up I drank 3 beers and finished watching the first half of the Cowboys game. About 20 minutes after finishing the third beer I did the test and blew a 0.09. Which across America would be enough to be over the legal limit and I would be in the drunk tank, and in serious trouble.

My wife performed the same test and after only 2 beers and waiting a half hour she had blown a .08. If we weren’t already sitting in our living room we would be calling an Uber. Why did we chance this decision to drive or not all these years? It’s insane! This is clearly a tool you can and should take in your car everywhere.

These Safe Driving Breathalyzers are selling for 70% off their normal price! So it's a good time to get them at a discounted price. If you want to make sure you and your loved ones are always prepared, carrying a breathalyzer is a great start. It has our vote so much that we made sure everyone on our staff had at least 4.


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